Word of the Day 

Once upon a time, I pulled apart scraps of papers and wrote words I thought represented important topics down with a fine point sharpie. I threw them into a mason jar and randomly picked one each day to write my thoughts. That lasted maybe 5 days, or less. I can't remember. Nor is it important.  … Continue reading Word of the Day 


An Open Letter to the Unknown

Hey Unknown, It seems like I've been running into you a lot lately, and I'm not surprised. Let's face it, you're damn near everywhere and most people don't know what to do about you. Some people are trying to change you into the opposite of what you are, while others are fighting in every which … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Unknown

Reflection, Perception, Progression and Direction

6.15.17 | 5:14 AM | Florence, Italy I remember this day like it was yesterday. I had woken up early in Florence before heading to Venice for the day, and I looked out the window as the sun rose and flocks of birds flew over the rooftops and the rounded dome of the Duomo. The … Continue reading Reflection, Perception, Progression and Direction


When I look back since the beginning, I can see all the changes. Few are tangible, many are deeply felt, and some are subconsciously expressed. The ups, the downs, the mundane and everyday. The 9 countries traveled, the handful of new friends and acquaintances, the things I shed, the things I left behind, the new … Continue reading 2017.

Life Lessons: The Ride & The Fall

I witnessed a man fall off his motorcycle tonight. He was driving at a much faster pace than the stopped traffic, between the lanes, and drove straight into a car that was turning left, coming from the opposite direction. Some details aside, he plowed into the passenger side door, left his mark on the car, … Continue reading Life Lessons: The Ride & The Fall

If It Just Feels Right, It Is

The mind will talk endlessly, if you let it. Self-talk and thoughts come naturally, it's effortless. The work is in quieting the mind to hear what you really need to. In a world full of distractions and easily accessible diversions, it takes a concerted effort to be alone in silence. But, once you make it … Continue reading If It Just Feels Right, It Is