cold air whistles past the windows Stillness settles slowly. the crashing tides blow palm trees like untamed hair in the wind salty shores salivate. winter wears her armor like Love on her sleeve open, showing, constantly changing until Time takes its toll and the sun perches high such crashing tides provide - these moments to …

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The world spins on its head The crown of the moon Tucks closer into the tide Darkness settles Light still shines Until it madly turns And the rays consume the sky Candy colored clouds Kiss the dreams goodnight

2018 – A Daring Adventure

If I were to sum up 2018 in one word it would have to be – adventure, followed closely by intuition and trust. Trust in myself, specifically. Okay, that’s more than one word. While I traveled to less places than I did in 2017, I made a huge life change by moving to Israel, and …

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