Slow-Dancing with Memory

Nothing average is remembered. Technically speaking, memories exist and remain based on the strength of the connections along the synapses in your brain. Brains, like car tires, experience wear and tear. The less you think about something, the less likely it will be to stick. On the other hand, you can build the strength of …

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The Importance of Being Real

There's a way by which we get sucked into performance. We put on acts to show the world everything is perfect, and this has become even more widespread (or maybe just visible) with social media as a never-ending documentation of our waking moments. Last night, I met a woman who told me about what it …

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So Far, So Good: In the Land of Milk & Hummus

I opened the can of life and experiences flooded out. What is it to experience, to feel, to live, to remember and to forget? I look around on the bus during every commute, to and from work, and marvel at the people staring into their phone screens, trying to connect while missing connections. I'm one …

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5 AM: Time Tells Tales of Parallel Universes

The sounds of birds chirping make their way through my ajar window. An orange glow creeps along the wall, bringing the lights from the streets into my four corners. Garbage trucks trickle along the edge of the asphalt, cleaning up what was left behind. It's 5 o'clock in the morning, but my mind isn't running …

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I stopped to think There wasn’t time Moments meld Like a clay maker designs Motions and momentum What’s to come Of a day that can’t be undone There’s a whole world Beyond these doors In our mind Wrapped inside Discovery within Tells all without It’s ok not to know It’s ok to feel


I want you to whisper to me your fears I’ll swallow them and Spit them back up In the form of dreams Hopes you can achieve I’ll take your sadness And turn it into a smile If you ever wonder what this we is You’ll see by looking in my eyes Tell me your secrets …

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