I step aside
For you, I would ride
Shot gun, feel the shots run
Over and over
the heart spilleth over

You know whenever you go
I come
Return to the scene of the scars
Tell you I’m done, I’m done

Turn the lock
Doors opened when I’d knock
No longer a pound, cause for you I was down
To ride to ride
Shot gun, I fired, I’m fried
I tried.

they say when the sun shines it’s time
I let in the light, I read the signs
Exits all around, for you, I was down
Lessons learned, training wheels up and burned

Oxygen escaped, oxytocin erased
We ran, we rode, we told
Ourselves it could last
It fled fast, what comes quickly
Fades ferociously like fire in an ocean
of emotions eroding

Un-Love Letter to Los Angeles

I’m not at home in the city
I grew up in
flashing lights illuminate like
the false renderings of imagined selfs
only to go dim when the daylight shines through

real light, realize

Seeing through this facade of a society
embellished with filters and fickle-minded youth
growing up into adults who run from


who fall into traps of pretend tomorrows
imaginary concepts that can’t come to fruition
because hope is easier to tread
when fear is locked behind lies

misspoken truths are stretched to their limits
breaking points more shallow than the Pacific’s shore
specifically, when the sun always shines
where’s the shelter

for the soul and body that does not belong?

In Light of Darkness in Paris

Trying to find perspective, when hope and understanding seems to be slipping. We live in a world where the same media covers society’s “rage” over red cups at Starbucks as they do the catastrophic terrorist attacks in Paris.

Far reaching distances of the globe collide on computer screens and cell phones that our thumbs stay gripped to, as if we are kids in elementary school experimenting with Krazy Glue on our fingertips. We are living in an “evolving” world that is falling back into barbaric ways, as evils permeate and bombs explode in movie theaters, concert halls, soccer stadiums. Our technology promises to propel us as inhumane creatures still roam-stabbing innocent victims in the streets of cities, as if human bodies were voodoo dolls, being used to expel evil thoughts on behalf of the insane.

Every disaster strikes and we feel a level of heightened fear, shock, rage, sadness, and hopelessness. We become entrenched in the coverage, the social shares, and the inherent travesty of justice. All until, it boils over and the next disaster strikes, and is replayed on a loop like a scratched CD, trying to get the message out, but repeating the same words. Then, in an effort to manage the grave and deep emotions that overcome our senses during these dark times, we somehow grow more and more accustomed to such acts of violence. People will say, “I’m saddened, but not shocked.”

As a society that is privy to hearing news around the world at every moment of every day, we cannot let go of humanity. When we’ve reached this point, the one where such horrendous massacres are commonplace and our sense of “shock” has faded, we need to take a step back and re-evaluate our world. Personally, I will always be shocked. Maybe it’s semantics and what people mean to say is that the news is not surprising, because it’s the same shit everyday. But, it is exactly that- SHOCKING, chilling, cold, and increasingly gloomy.

While death tolls and modes of violence are becoming tallies and global leaders focus on devising strategies to combat such occurrences, we must not forget that every number accounts for a life. Every life has a ripple effect, reaching beyond its existence and affecting those who knew the victim. Although it may be hard to grasp when we hear devastating news and are not immediately related to the people involved, we still can feel the sense of loss. We are humans with the ability to empathize, and the truth is, we have been subconsciously trained to accept the feeling of “sensationalized” in its place.

It seems fruitless as one person can’t stop these rampant terrorist attacks and radical belief systems infiltrating our “civilized” society. The answer of how to help is not clear. Violence is inevitable, recurring, and only idealistically obsolete. But, a good place to start is to step back from the headlines to reflect on the weight of these situations. Even if it won’t solve the next disaster or bring back the lives that were lost, it will acknowledge our serious problem of human disconnect in a world that is revered for being SO “connected.”

Every action has a reaction and everything starts from somewhere. There’s clearly something amiss in our world, and if every one person can identify where love may lack, we can make our own personal effort to fill that void, even if only in a small space, to create a brighter future, on a global scale. The truth is that we are all one.

-In solidarity, with love, prayers, and hopes for a peaceful present for Paris AND the entire world.


Evolution-Of-ManOur universal language has become the clicks of a keyboard. Screens stare blankly back at us; they are the eyes that we look at more deeply and for more time than anything else these days. Human connection, intimately and physically, has waned even though we have digital connections with the power to span the entire globe. Babies rattles have been replaced with iPads, children’s books are now phones in their hands, and photography is a filtered expression of what you ate for lunch.How long will it be before we wake up and try to go back to the future?

This unsettling feeling is hard to escape when LED lights shine the truth so undeniably, ubiquitously, unanimously.

Time to shut down to power up.

Snapchat Stories

Won’t find your “story” on Snapchat

Robotic, trying to show off fleeting moments

with disappearing digitalized depictions

“sharing” your every move, to show what you do in your waking life

small-casting to whoever taps down with their thumb

a finger dancer looking to live vicariously, or simple curiosity

killed the soul

how about we…

take time to TALK to the people

we CARE about

and share what we DO

and WHY we do it

so they KNOW

our story.

Love Games

I was scared to reach out
to say what’s on my mind
even just to say hi–
I’ve let the lines of pride
become blurred
with my thoughts on self-respect
but, where does one end and the
other begin?
we play games with unwritten rules
and unknown results
our currency is vulnerability
it’s universally un-tradeable
I’m trapped in a game
and I am not looking to win
it’s a tug of war
and I’m losing balance
Please pull the King of hearts
and I’ll show my hand, so
we can split the chips

From Negative to Positive

When we think of negative thoughts, there’s generally an onslaught of them at once. It’s as if you have one and it multiplies exponentially within seconds, calling on all of its negative thought friends to come out and join in a dooming party. So, why doesn’t the same phenomenon occur with positive thoughts?

I (positively) think the answer is practice. As we grow up and start letting negative thoughts enter our mind, we tend to focus on them. They begin to come naturally. Positive thoughts, on the other hand, have to be proactively thought about. Even though positive thoughts were so ubiquitous when we were young, we slowly lose the ability to focus on all the good things as we grow old.

For myself, I will try to make the positive thoughts a habit, so when I do think of something happy, I’m filled with a domino effect of like-minded thoughts. This will evict negative thoughts from my mind. Maybe two negatives will make a positive, in places outside of math class.