Like A Poet to Words

He cared for her
Like he watered his garden
Always timely
Giving her what she needed
And letting the sun do its job

He cared for her
Like a child collecting baseball cards
Holding them to the light
So you could see their beauty and rarity
While protecting them in transparency

He cared for her
Like an artisan to his craft
Molding the final touches
On the statue that can’t be broken

He loved her
Like a poet to words
A doctor to a cure
A flower to the sun
The novel that’s just begun


Take Time 

Take time to make your bed
Pull the sheets
Straighten up
Grind the coffee
Stir it gently

Take time to smile at a stranger
Count your change
Make a change

Take a moment of something that feels seemingly small
And let it be
Just let it be

Smile at another stranger

Listen after you ask someone how they are
And tell them you really want to know
the ins, the outs, the good, the bad, the ugly
Nothing but the

Take time, let the seconds tick
Turning into minutes
Because they pass like hours and days and years

Take time to love fully, to feel it all
To grow, to play, to laugh, to embrace
To thank those who help you
To hold out your hand and pull someone up
today and tomorrow and the next day

Time will never wait
But it’s yours to take

Finding the Light 

I want to pour the milk in your coffee

And watch it dance in circles 

Round and round it goes

Turning darkness into light 

Drink up the love 

And soak up the sun

Are you still by my side? 

Or have I left you behind? 

We traversed the corners of the nation 

But took a backseat at home 

Like wax dropping down a candle

The moth never survives the flame 


How does love stand in the face of evil

At first she feels hurt, weak and defeated

But she doesn’t give up

Oh no, she can’t

She’s felt loss in her bones

There are no answers to her questions

But she holds on to hope

Like a child’s fingers

Wrapped around a balloon’s string

The world spins madly on

But love remains patient

Waiting to be seen, felt, found and shared

Love remains fearless

Love remains strong

Love remains true

And when everything is else is gone

Love still lives on

Illusions & Delusions 

She floats like dust in a dream world 

When the sun sets, it all falls 



Drop to the floor to pray

Not even the strong make it out alive

What is here 

Is what you have 

As silence falls 

What can you hear the loudest?

Calm comes when you realize 

Everything that comes,



If I could

I’d watercolor the world and blend all pigments together

highlight the past as a piece of what we cannot repeat

and turn the news on low

the dreadful drones of those trying to divide

would fall on deaf ears

like lava to the surface, we’d recreate our terrain

mixing all different landscapes as we march forward in the same shoes

we wouldn’t forget where we came from

but honor our differences

on a stage we call acceptance

built with love and fortified by unity



Fall Forward

It’s the first day of fall. It’s my favorite season, and I’m back in Los Angeles. From the months abroad, if I had to pick one word to define how I’ve returned, I’d choose “liberated.” Liberated from material things, liberated from the desire to have anything new, liberated from the suffocation of self-inflicting anxiety, liberated from wanting to be somewhere I’m not, in terms of a job/career or any general “to do” from life.

I can’t count the physical miles I’ve traveled, nor can I guess the hours of podcasts I’ve listened to, conversations I’ve had, people I’ve met, and pages of books I’ve read. But, what I can count on is the positive change I immensely feel. While it too cannot be quantified, it’s of incomparable quality, and I’m continuing with the conviction to make sure that it multiplies. My hope is that everyone gets to experience what this kind of growth feels like, whether they accomplish it through travel or writing, singing, dancing, painting, or whatever else brings them the joy, flow and time for self-recognition and reflection. It’s a never-ending process and with each day, there is new opportunity for self-discovery. Any obstacle can be an opportunity. I’m aware of my thoughts and stop the negative train in motion when I notice it blowing through my mind at full speed. I come back to the breath and realize it’s all we have. What we do here and now will affect what comes next, but as long as we listen and stay true to the moment, we can handle what’s to come.

As the seasons change, the trees will inevitably shed their green shells from the summer’s sun. Like nature, we as humans go through cycles. Unlike nature, we have distractions that can keep us from embracing the change and processes we are supposed to take for our cycles of growth and rebirth. Let the trees and flowers around you be a reminder to care for yourself and take the time to shed the dead leaves that can no longer serve you. And then, grow again.