Morning Light

I awake in a dream like state from these visions I cannot shake opening windows into the future wondering The morning kisses my head with memories of yesterday welcoming possibility a new day breathing Talk about depth into the emotions of tomorrow love. hope. faith. unknown. dancing on the edge feeling If you were to …

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I stopped to think There wasn’t time Moments meld Like a clay maker designs Motions and momentum What’s to come Of a day that can’t be undone There’s a whole world Beyond these doors In our mind Wrapped inside Discovery within Tells all without It’s ok not to know It’s ok to feel


I want you to whisper to me your fears I’ll swallow them and Spit them back up In the form of dreams Hopes you can achieve I’ll take your sadness And turn it into a smile If you ever wonder what this we is You’ll see by looking in my eyes Tell me your secrets …

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