When I look back since the beginning, I can see all the changes. Few are tangible, many are deeply felt, and some are subconsciously expressed. The ups, the downs, the mundane and everyday. The 9 countries traveled, the handful of new friends and acquaintances, the things I shed, the things I left behind, the new … Continue reading 2017.


Late Night RamblesĀ 

What the fuck am I so afraid of? Every person has a story, a history, a future and the power to act. Every day brings with it millions of opportunities for life to go one way or the other. It's all about choices we make and the convuluted act of just going for it.  We … Continue reading Late Night RamblesĀ 

HUMPDAY motivation

And so what if we pushed our dreams into reality And let them fly freely and let them just be Ambitions and hopes abound As we sit idly by, thinking that time will wait around It's a sad fact, but true there's no one that will push you... but you And when you think you've … Continue reading HUMPDAY motivation

Gaining Insight

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." - Kierkegaard Everything we do leads to what comes next in our life, and at the time, it may seem like nothing is making sense. Sometimes, it even feels like things are completely falling apart. The thing is that sometimes things fall apart … Continue reading Gaining Insight