I want you to whisper to me your fears
I’ll swallow them and
Spit them back up

In the form of dreams

Hopes you can achieve
I’ll take your sadness
And turn it into a smile

If you ever wonder what this we is
You’ll see by looking in my eyes

Tell me your secrets
I’ll uncover your scars

Tell me something
I don’t know
Nothing you’ve once
said aloud

Connection feels like
The air envelops us
Intertwined in a bubble
Time ceases in your caress

everything is.
in a neatly tied now


3 thoughts on “Now. 

  1. Natalie Swift

    This was such a beautiful piece, Daniella! ❤
    I literally wanted to highlight each and every line to comment on it so I just decided to post a general comment 😉
    Looking forward to reading more from you…

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