The Tipping Point of Fear

DS_IsraelSome people say fear isn’t real; it’s an illusion. I disagree.  Fear is a real feeling we often feed to ourselves, and it usually stems from the unknown. When you were a kid, you may have been scared of the dark because you couldn’t see what was around you, or the unknown. When you grow up, your fears become larger- they come back to factors of survival, the future, caring about your loved ones, questioning your every move, and the list goes on and on. We create a version of the future before it happens, and while that’s an illusion, the feelings tied to it have real effects on your present being.

I’ve decided to move across the world on a one way ticket. I’ve done it responsibly in such that I found a job before taking off, but here’s something I’ve already realized about fear in the process. I’ve heard it before, but this is where I feel it. I am more fearful about not doing it than doing it. I hit the tipping point, and that’s how I know this decision is the right one for me, for right now.

Granted, things change, but it’s been almost exactly a month since I landed (April 23, 2018), and I can safely say, it was the right choice to have made. It has shown me that when you say no to fear, your world expands.


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