Word of the Day 

Once upon a time, I pulled apart scraps of papers and wrote words I thought represented important topics down with a fine point sharpie. I threw them into a mason jar and randomly picked one each day to write my thoughts. That lasted maybe 5 days, or less. I can’t remember. Nor is it important. 

Now, I’ve found words and messages are moving into my life more naturally. Today’s word: presence. 

From coincidentally messaging two friends at the same time about anxiety over the future and knowing I’m not being present enough, to coming across this post and caption on social media, here’s the message I am receiving and know all too well. 

So many of my thoughts and so much of energy is spent living in the future. On the what ifs. What if what ifs didn’t exist? I know I’m not alone in this. How do we combat the plague of existing outside of the now? 

Everything we have is now, in the moment. The present is the place to choose for no other reason than because you can. I initially wrote the latter sentence as “… the place to choose so that what comes next…” and had to erase it. Proof as to how much of my thought process is on what’s next. 

Stop reading this for a second. Now take a breath. How much of this have you been focused on and how much have you been thinking about what you want for your next meal or the tasks you need to get done?

Breathe in again.

A simple reminder that your breath can be a tool to bring you back to the moment. 

A simple reminder to stay present. 


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