Thank You, Kobe


I started watching in ’96

I had as many years in life

as you have rings


It’s been an unforgettable ride

filled with some lows and impeccable highs

Always been more than “just a game”

and you’ve been the resounding reason

the ubiquitous name


With determination, passion and talent

I’ve grown up watching you dominate

Words can’t describe what you’ve taught

the entertainment value you brought

all the skills you possess that so many have sought


It’s with gratitude, sadness, reminiscing,

appreciation and unconditional love

No Laker will ever be placed above

These reflections of the past

on April 13th, we admire and celebrate your last


Forever a faithful fan, bleeding purple and gold

for your story will eternally be told

Thank you Kobe, Black Mamba, #8 and #24

20 years later, we will never close your legacy’s door.

With love and gratitude,

Daniella Soloway


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