Court Side

Basketball was my first love. At age 5, I started playing in a league, and I would stay out until sunset with the ball and hoop. My mom had to tear me away to come in and wash up for dinner. Along with getting new school supplies being at the top of my list every year, I’d get new basketball shoes each season, just for kicks (pun intended). At school, I’d rock sneakers and mesh shorts to play at recess, which gradually turned into nutrition and lunch as I grew older.  On weekends, I’d hit Genesta or Balboa Park, my local spots, and jump in any game I could. Basketball raised me.

I’m a die hard Lakers fan, but tonight I had the opportunity of a lifetime at the Clippers v. Nuggets game.

Late in the evening, my friend invited me to the game. I’d never say no to a basketball game, so I jumped up and headed downtown. I’ve been to my fair share of games, but each one still excites me as if it were my first. We were sitting in section 101, row 12, seat 1 and 2. The seats are great, directly in the center and very close to the court! Going in to the second quarter, she told me that her boyfriend (an event manager there) wanted us to be closer to the section he was working in, so we moved. As we were walking around the Staples Center, I was slightly saddened by the move, in fear that we would be further away from the court.

We walked back into the arena, and continued to walk down steps, and steps, and more steps. Until, we hit the court. My jaw dropped as she led me to our two court side seats, directly across from the Clippers bench. I was about to cry of joy and excitement. She had the two court side tickets during the first quarter- she just wanted to surprise me, and she most definitely succeeded.

The game was neck and neck throughout, and in last few minutes, the Clippers took the lead and secured their playoff seed next weekend. The vibe was unreal. My Nikes were resting on the same wood that these incredible players were running across- so close I could hear them speak. Even closer that I could see all the details of their tattoos.

It’s always been a dream of mine to sit court side at an NBA game, and tonight, it was a reality. The whole surprise rings true that sometimes you have to give up something comfortable and good to get something great.


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