AmeriCan’t Dream

here’s a piece of my mind

its lacking peace, but hear & you’ll find

that change is constant

and what you want is variable

hard to achieve

but my no means impossible

able to conceive

stuck in an american’t dream

that’s not a typo, what’ll you’ll find here

is a nightmare

something they’ll preach but you’ll only grow to understand

what it really means

it seems, that like a cactus

and Cali

we’re bleeding dry

head shots and politicking

we chase money

lose love and eventually die

want what we can’t have

never really have what we claim to, put fame to

filling days with floating hours of misuse

cause nothing is permanent

time is temporary, too

we’re living in a state of fleeing time

where nothing is safe-

identity, feelings, and even one’s life

our world is divided into filters

coffee grinds



we don’t choose what’s poured into our cups

half empty;

i’m not tempted to pretend that people believe in procuring a blend

a mixture, a collage to see images that are brilliant-

the sun shines on the resilient

those who stay true to their passions

ignoring those who define style by fashion

there’s much to be learned

with all the fish in the sea

you may swim in schools, but you are born into class

there’s race, there’s minority, there will always exist a mass

you can win with intelligence

if structure is what fucks ya

fight against the powers that name what they be

redemption is quality, above satisfactory and related to honesty

unlock the chains, gridlock will render you insane

the best thing to do is continue to try

when you give up on your dreams, you just as much die.


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