The Mood

Your name rolls off my lips like honeydew
So crisp and so sweet
There’s this never-ending abyss
in my mind
You occupy
From morning through night
The paradox of the latter
It’s understandable, I promise
I’m questioning if you feel these same tingles
The same kind of lingering entrapment of thoughts and fantasy
They vividly vacation in my mind
Traveling through my blood like a surfer cascading on ocean waves
The crest mounts high
The air is smooth
Like the taste of your tongue
So light so seemingly unrelenting
You can whisper in my ears
Your sounds project in my brain
and echo through my body
Catapulting into what’s beyond
Excursions to take place
Mentally and physically
Hold my hand if you’d please
Winding around bends
Don’t let go just yet
This river has many unknown friends
The water of the future
Infinitely pouring at the open bar
Drunk in lust
Skipping and falling onto the tips of a love
Only fools take such risk
We know it’s the only way to find return
Into something where we will most likely feel hurt
It’s okay we should rest assured
Surely it’s something we cannot preclude
It’s so natural, there’s no facades
There’s just the time, this place, this mood.

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