Make It Matter

my mind is surrounded by the state of the times

bringing truth to light

people roam in that Square

distracted by all the things that are there

can’t fit a circle in a box

why try to quiet your thoughts?

let me continue as I write

in black and white

when they say print is dead

I say it’s the release of everything inside of my head

we’ve gotten lost in a world

of digital clouds and preconceived social tallies

there’s an inevitability of one’s envy

we hide behind screen, tapping keys

when we miss the one key of how to be happy

gratitude for one’s lot

if you take a step back, you can see that you have a lot

set your focus on a wider level

see that we still live in a world

where nothing is level

even keel, nothing of the sort except how we feel

many things matter




more plus the latter

you know those three words

double entendre, cause both of them matter

it has been said

be the change you want to see in the world

be the light

spark thoughts

make movement

provide insight

when things go left

make what’s right


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