I am not at home in my skin
it’s crawling, I’m itching to achieve something
the satisfaction of knowing where I’m going
the understanding to envelop safety
in a nest perched above the cityscape
flying and soaring slowly 
taking in the view
breathing in and out 
crisp air flashes across my ribcage 
and my hands are free.
fly me to the moon
i will come back down, someday
catch me skipping on clouds, leaving doubt in a cave underground
tell me it’ll all be okay
nothing lasts forever…
and decay isn’t something that scares me
lack of growth, however, is
flipping through static
unobtrusive and stagnant
like a baby learning to walk.
water me with strength & shower me in the sunlight of hope
my worries will be flushed downstream 
because I’m letting go of control 
accepting what’s in the present
and soon to take leaps-
parachutes of an open mind. 

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