Caffeine’s Causes

Imagetake my pages

read my words

rip my verse


dissect, discuss, analyze and question

the cause for all my tension

I am not stressing

casually, undoubtedly progressing

no repercussions

only processions

undressing my sounds

tasting my thoughts 

lets run together-

we can get lost. 


coming back to the metaphorical you 

no signs, no direction

maybe dreams may come true


I question surrounding

I cannot accept false findings

I appreciate your understanding of me

my unwavering desire and search to be free. 


I see some conquests in the future

not usually one to just do this

opening the closed book

glancing and taking a harder, more perceptive look


rudimentary couplets

I am not challenging my hypothalamus

moving to long form-

free range,

it’s about to get strange


dictating my thoughts while the voice

claws out of my head

unwavering caffeine shielding me

from the bed 

pen’s moving itself 

narrating current scenes

wasting time

the opportunity cost being that of a dream 

now, I’m always keen to the scenes

I said it’ll take some getting used to… 


my thoughts 

my virtual thread

winding from my past and bee lining

into sights ahead


take a journey

dare to explore

not the whole world will shut its doors


remain open

insert all your tokens

we got nothing to lose

but to lose in itself

not everything un-gained can remain

in a negative frame

follow your flow

some can understand, some will just know. 


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