A Love Poem



Positive to my negatives

opposites attract 

you make me better.

In this life, we will storm the ill weather


can’t imitate it 

Feeling like a sugar addict 

Sweet dreamin’ on a cloud of delicacy & decency 

Mellow highs

Passing time

Flying by 

Slow it’s flow 

Live in this moment like a fox stuck in a hole 

Breathing deeply 

Thoughts replete and streaming 

Comfortably seeing 

Soul searching through sincere eyes 

Words melodic like the smooth jazz sound 

Sensory perceptions and interminable innovative inventions 

Come closer

Whisper, so no one else will hear 

Trap these feelings in a jar

Hold me tightly 

Oh yes, I think you like me 

Mutual persuasions 

Bodily temptations 

Warmth in your grasp 

You can be the first, my middle and my last. 



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