Letting In.



My paragraphs are poems;
My words go unheard 
It's ok because I find
such delight
in what I write for myself for my cathartic escapades The open cascades Falling, protruding Words piercing like needles Sharp or blunt Blatantly being to be muttered Merely, mutely- not loudly, not scary No need to share All one in the same Staying in a single lane ride sharing is running parallel on this ride, I can share Open your ears Feel my fears Touch my thoughts Caress my carelessness Bundle up my joys Just hold me- Boldly. Intuitively colluding Grasping ahold of these verbs Proverbially procuring my words Mix and match, stretch and detach Unlatch- Let me go. Freely flowing
and never really knowing The next line My next complete rhyme Couples of my couplets To undress all of the heavy mess Messing in my mind, residing
ring a round a rosy Take me back to pink cheeks
and being coy,
Rosy flush ensuing Perusing... my skin I'm open.
I'm here. I'm letting you in.

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