Time x Travel


“I’ve been allotted time. I don’t know when it starts. I don’t know when it runs out. All that I know is that it is all I have.”

And with that, he hopped on the redeye. Destination-overseas. The sea does not matter, nor does the country where he will touch down. The fact of the matter is that he was taking the time he had and spending it very wisely, both expediently and in his own best interest.

As the plane ascended into the air like a space shuttle catapulting into the galaxy, he closed his eyes. Looking out of the window only gave him anxiety as the Earth got further and further away. The way the distance made the gargantuan objects look like miniscule parasites. It was the way he saw himself, in actuality. In his own mind, he was large, and the world revolved around his vast thoughts. But, in the great scheme of everything else, he was merely a microscopic piece of the puzzle.

Jet setting away. Leaving everything he had known behind in hopes of absolutely nothing. Zero expectations to fill his mind so that it was as open as an empty vase upon arrival. Ready to be filled with all sorts of beautiful treasures, memories that would grow until they died in the vase of his mind.

Headphones enveloped his ear like a baby swaddled in a soft blanket, distributing warmth throughout his body. The melodies playing calmed his nerves, but also jolted up a passionate feeling within his bloodstream. Flying over the clouds, soaring so high as they changed shapes creating masterpieces. The type of pictures thought up only in a child’s imagination; his mind was at ease.

The sounds of the jet mellowed as the plane glided in the empty air. It was everywhere, but it was also nowhere.

Living in a boundary-less space, both mentally and physically.

The destination’s objective was to achieve peace, but the peace was already within. This was exactly what he came to realize just as the wheels catapulted onto the asphalt. So, he exited the plane, stepping foot on to foreign land. Arriving with nothing but a smile, and his time.


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