Beautiful Lies


Reaching for something you cannot grasp

Breathing hard like it’s your last 

I like to sit up top, reminiscing about the past

Sip each drink, like its my last 

Would’ve could’ve should’ve told you, but I can’t

Trying to let go of every fuck I ever had

Pretending like it’s all the same

Probably out there, still spitting your game

Asking for what you can gain

Trying to remember each name

Talkin’ in your sleep cause its too hard face to face 

Wondering if we’ll ever find the right place

Right place, right time

Wrong words, long rhymes

Using that click to the screen, writing my dreams

Stealing from Common, not so rare 

Circling back to clear out the air 

Now I’ve probably got you wondering what’s this is all about 

But I gotta tell you that it’s written from heart to mouth 

Encrypted, but never scripted 

Illuminated, so gifted 

One last talk, one last time through spoken words and soft rhymes so I can paint such beautiful lies 


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