yesterdays only a day away/ so tomorrow rolls in so two faced /with promises that we knew were fake/ but we pray on/ keep believing/ when dreams stop/ and we stay awake to nonbelievers/ radical achievers/skeptical to alleviate her/ pain so deep cant perceive/ the cause of the hate/ adjacent to the places she’s been/ bent on being so keen of the faces she’s seen/ etched on her brain like a cd disk/turning on tables revolving like a deep dish/ so afraid to speak so she remains quiet/ not to be quick/ to be judged to speak to be heard/ cause no one will see it straight/ like it is/ truth be told nobody needs him/ making promises/ breaking solemness/ just to be a conduit through enclaves/ no ones following

now the reason makes no sense/ to the outsiders looking in/ from the outside/ in a place so cold separated like apartheid/ so dim/ just want to grow old/ wanting to feel the changes of color/ a chameleon/ so entrapped in the phase of being/ coming so quickly

but going off / into the never ending/ always fleeing/ one day dreaming/ to be in the crowd/ but always standing on the sideline/ baseline/ running suicides/ until her ego suffers a homicide/ from the emotions hanging upon her shoulders/ very heavy told to go inside/ but the inside is where it makes no sense/ unraveling like a dental floss dipped in mint/ asking for answers/ receiving no glamor/ begging for hopelessness/ in a cold place/ with no insolation from the hate/ suffering oppression like the Haitians/filling up the gait/ so quick/ quickly swinging on the gates/ moving to the other side/ where the grass looks greener/ into scenery where no has seen her/ into a new place to call her own/because nobody ever claimed her/ in a land full of lackluster fame/ and teenagers following the steps of Cobain

if we can unleash the knot/ pull it back off/ slip into a sea/ and sail faster than forty knots/ into a tide of paradise/where the sun will always shine/ and freedom comes easy like fireworks/ on july fourth/ ringing in the city/ creating hope/ forgoing pity/ burying the past/ and looking forward into the blazing pastures ahead/ the day we all refer to as tomorrow/ as its unknown what’s in it for us two/ in this thing we call the future/ where we can heal all the scabs/ and secure all the sutures/ welcoming a little newness 


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