Damian& Sarah, Part I

Damian grabbed his pants sprawled across the floor amidst her stacks of barely legible notes. He looked at her in the most sincere way that he knew how and uttered, “I’ll see you when I see you.” Sadly, this was the most honest truth he has always been able to tell her. She tiptoed to the bathroom and hopped in a quick, yet steaming hot shower. As the door shut behind him, the hollow sound resounded in her ears like a freight train coming to a halting stop.

After the myriad of times she told herself that this was it, Sarah just didn’t know how to ever say no. She wasn’t always a people pleaser, but when it came to her own heart, she listened despite how intelligent her mind could be. As the top graduate at her law school, she declined a position at the most prestigious law firm in the city without hesitation despite her family’s immense disapproval. But, this wasn’t new to her- being disapproved of, that is, because she adequately dished it to herself every time he walked out the door.

Damian rushed down the buzzing street and barely escaped knocking over an elderly woman as he rushed to grab his coffee and donut on the way to the Bureau. Today was a big day for him; it was the day he would be receiving an award for executing civil duties in the most honest way throughout his three year tenure as the state’s lead prosecutor. Thoughts spread through his mind like wildfire, but his career achievement provided not even a spark. With vivid flashbacks of the hours before, Sarah’s breathe had stained his mouth for much longer than the day. And he knew he’d have to walk into work composed, as if the last four years of his personal battle with love was nothing but a myth.

As she slipped on her black tight, yet modest pencil skirt and wool sweater, she stepped right into her nude flats and rushed out the door- coffee and donut in hand. It was ritual to start the day off the same way she had every day in her second year of law school. The breakfast ritual all began when there was coffee and donuts, provided by the professor, in the large lecture hall where they first met.  They discovered, not much later than day one, that that lecture hall echoed more than the mountains in the Swiss Alps. Despite her workplace apparel, she was heading over to the only quiet place she could find in the city- the rooftop of the hotel around the corner. Atop the hectic lives down below, with her head touching the clouds, she could think clearly enough to start drafting her next top seller. This time; however, she didn’t know where she was going to start. But, as always when in a jam, she’d finish the story and try to stumble back into the beginning. After all, that was the same way the cycle of her love life revolved.


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