We see the world through windows. Now, I am talking both literally and figuratively here. It is so easy to look out the window and view our surroundings, but we are only seeing what is put right in front of us. There’s a limit to what we can see, and there’s clearly a lens in which we are seeing out of- a framed view of what’s just beyond our finger tips, a few inches from our grasp. The intangible little things that we need to sense, to feel, to touch, to taste,  to understand. 

It’s simple and it’s easy… to get stuck in the mindset when you are on the inside looking out. The latter is so contrary to the cliched “from the outside looking in,”  but it is really from this perspective in which we cannot experience the world around us.  We see outside, not a 360 view, but rather an enclosed and framed space. It’s only possible to see what we choose to when we are experiencing something from a distance. Nothing is the same (conveniently alluding to Drake here) when we walk out those doors, spread our wings (okay, Maxwell) and jump right in to the thick of the woods, the mystery, and explore with the most important tool we all possess- an open mind. 



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