Post- Season


They say you can’t miss what you never had

but I say-

an imagination can lead you far into fantasy

creating a deep, but perfect reality

your imperfections cause you to be flawless

gaping hole so wide I thought I lost us 

I dislike you intensely

can’t truly discern my intentions

grabbing to get a hold

yet pulling back before i try

knowing you’re (a)typical 

it’s self explanatory, really 

we move in cycles 

of dry spells 

i think it’s pretty obvious 

maybe it’s just fiction like the Loch ness 

monstrous, you make me feel 

you front on “keeping it real”

sick of all the fuss 

feelings more than lust 

leave, stay, come, go 

all i want is to just know

please tell me what’s on your mind

help explain to me 

why I search 

but never find

no rhyme to this reason

so I should finally give up 

this is it, it’s post-season. 



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