the start


It’s human nature to want to start from where we left off, or simply begin anew if we’ve never done something before. This story is starting from the middle. From a place where you realize that timelines don’t need to be linear and meaning comes directly from the moment you’re in rather than the before and the after. 

To realize one’s passion is easier said than done, but rather than searching near and far, we need to look back within. To when we were young and we had dreams of the future. Now, we’ve arrived collectively as a somewhat lost generation with few shining stars and plentiful dropouts- to those who succeed inside the walls of a classroom, but can’t find their niche straight away in an ever decaying economy. So we wonder, what should we make for our work for where we invest our time is where we invest our lives. Maybe we never needed to look for direction from all around us when we’ve known what we love to do. Maybe we simply need to make those small dreams a big reality.

So, here’s to a new beginning that’s starting from the middle because timelines grow from all directions like branches on a tree. 




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